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How remote learning methods are supporting online students at Deakin University

Episode #9

We chat to Liz Johnson, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education, at Deakin University, about how remote learning methods are supporting online student outcome

Professor Liz Johnson | Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education, Deakin University.

In this video, Liz Johnson discusses the importance of universities investing in online learning to remain relevant and reflect how people work in the real world. In the context of Deakin University's high proportion of 'cloud students' who choose to study online, Liz shares the institution’s focus on supporting them in more diverse and responsive ways to enhance learning outcomes.

Guided by her background in curriculum reform to build teaching capabilities that align with student outcomes, Liz talks about her role in shaping Deakin’s online curriculum to ensure it competes with conventional face-to-face teaching. She touches on the challenges in doing this well at scale, and meeting students’ needs both in terms of where they are, and where they’re coming from.

Liz also explores academic integrity as a cornerstone of the institution, and how Deakin University is upholding these values through an educative process that encourages student buy-in. She comments on the ubiquitous nature of sharing content online and the copy/paste culture, and how it’s complicating students’ grasp of academic integrity. Finally, she outlines the need to reframe these behaviours within the university setting, and ways to bring students on the journey in understanding how academic rules directly affect them now and in the long-term.