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The evolution of academic integrity at QUT in deterring student misconduct

Episode #8

We speak to Michelle Cornford, QUT’s Academic Integrity Officer, about the evolution of academic integrity & their initiatives to deter student misconduct.

Michelle Cornford | Academic Integrity Officer, Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Michelle Cornford’s role as an Academic Integrity Officer at QUT is driven by a passion for preserving academic achievement. In this video, she discusses how the university is circulating this value throughout the QUT community to deter academic misconduct.

Michelle explores QUT’s investigation process and the learning initiatives they have implemented to support students in building capacity and confidence for original work. She also covers the unique challenges presented by contract cheating, and how she and the broader university are navigating these threats to academic integrity.

Finally, she shares her philosophy of student engagement and assessment design as the pillars of a successful academic integrity strategy. It’s applied to the context of remote learning which is of high relevance in the COVID-19 era, and touches upon the future possibilities of academic integrity in the digital age.