Turnitin launches iThenticate 2.0 to help maintain integrity of high stakes content with AI writing detection
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Welcome to ExamSoft, the forefront of computer-based, high-stakes assessment and comprehensive reporting.

Our core convictions

At ExamSoft, we're more than a digital assessment platform – we're your partners in safeguarding institutional integrity and elevating student success.

Our platform empowers faculty and educators to fine-tune student and program performance by tracking outcomes according to crucial learning objectives and other customizable categories. Drive improvement, enhance learning outcomes, and steer your educational programs to greater heights.

With a strong foundation of trust, ExamSoft is proud to serve over 2,300 distinguished academic, certification, and licensing programs. We've successfully administered over 107 million exams, cementing our role as a leader in the assessment arena.

The benefits of ExamSoft

Unlock a realm of actionable data, facilitating early student support and elevating retention and graduation rates.

With ExamSoft, you can:

Harness unlimited tagging of key learning objective categories to effectively showcase how your institution aligns with accreditation standards.
Dive into longitudinal reports, spanning student, course, and program levels, offering granular insights by categories that pinpoint areas demanding additional attention and support.
Uphold the highest standard of academic integrity with ExamSoft's unparalleled security measures.

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