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University of South Australia’s perspective on AI and rethinking assessment

We chat with Dr Sheridan Gentili from University of South Australia about the institution’s perspective on AI disruption and rethinking assessment practices

Dr Sheridan Gentili | Director, Teaching Innovation Unit, University of South Australia

In this video we chat with Dr Sheridan Gentili from University of South Australia, who explores how the institution is approaching AI technology in their current teaching and learning practices, and what's influencing development of their long-term strategy.

Confirming UniSA's position of not issuing any blanket ban on AI tools, Sheridan explains how they're incorporating the technology as part of their responsibility to teach students to use it responsibly and ethically, during their academic journey and beyond.

Anchoring their AI response around the core principles of what good assessment is, Sheridan unpacks the challenge ahead plus the potential she sees for more meaningful markers along the learning pathway to remedy overreliance on high-stakes, summative evaluations.

How can higher education begin to embrace AI tools, without becoming untethered from the values and principles essential to the premise of teaching and learning? Watch the video to learn more.