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Stopping the cycle of contract cheating

Contract cheating is a threat to learning outcomes, student livelihoods, and society as a whole. To help shine a spotlight on ways to curb this practice and in honour of the 2022 International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating, we’ve prepared this page to support educators in encouraging students to thrive with integrity and take pride in their own work.

How is contract cheating viewed and experienced?

To measure overall sentiment on how contract cheating is perceived and addressed at institutions in Asia Pacific, we asked our network for their thoughts in a series of polls on social media. Here are the results:

Contract cheating advice for students

Meaningful discussions with students about the risks of contract cheating is an important piece of the puzzle in disincentivising it. Check out these student-focused messages from key players in the academic integrity space, to help inform your own approach.

Hear from contract cheating experts

Addressing contract cheating requires a multi-layered and targeted approach by educators and institutions. Here’s what several experts had to say as part of our Integrity Matters vidcast.

Useful links for tackling contract cheating

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