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Visayas State University adopts Turnitin solutions to promote academic integrity

Turnitin voted as top-choice by the VSU community as the preferred academic integrity technology provider

Oakland, Calif.

Visayas State University (VSU) announced its partnership with Turnitin, a global education technology provider of academic integrity and assessment solutions. The partnership is focused on strengthening remote learning and academic integrity practices through integrating Turnitin Feedback Studio into daily classroom operations.

The partnership comes as a result of a VSU-conducted series of consultation meetings with VSU administrators, deans, department heads, and faculty members searching for a solution that would help uphold integrity in assessments and assignments, as well as provide performance data to inform pedagogy. The solution had to be reliable and flexible to withstand and alleviate the challenges of constantly shifting classroom modalities—in-person, remote, and hybrid. Turnitin emerged as the top choice with the insightful reports on student and course trends and highly effective text similarity comparison tool as key factors in improving learning outcomes.

Feedback Studio checks for text similarity, provides writing tips and grammar guidance, and helps instructors streamline workflows and easily give quality, consistent feedback on writing assignments. The tool helps classrooms uphold academic integrity and promote authentic learning and original thinking in all classroom types: in-person, remote, and hybrid. Feedback Studio is one of the few education technologies that has been proven to improve learning outcomes. Over 800 educators and 18,000 students are benefitting from the Turnitin Feedback Studio integration with VSU E-learning.

"We are committed to empowering higher education institutions like the Visayas State University in their efforts to promote original thinking, academic integrity, and fairness. With VSU, we strive to ensure that academic standards are consistent across physical and virtual classrooms, support professors in delivering high-quality education, and improve learning outcomes" said Jack Brazel, Turnitin Head of Business Partnerships, Southeast Asia.

"Remote learning will have a permanent place in higher education. This partnership furthers the university's academic standards and strengthens how we conduct remote learning. We are proud to be enhancing the learning experience and interactions between professors and students through our partnership with Turnitin,” said Dr. Edgardo Tulin, University President, Visayas State University.

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