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Ministry of Health and Turnitin partner to promote academic integrity in Indonesia schools

Indonesia’s Ministry of Health completes a month-long, nationwide Turnitin training for instructors and administrators at health polytechnic schools

Oakland, Calif.

Today, the Ministry of Health was recognized for its successful completion of nationwide academic integrity training. A certificate was presented by Turnitin, a leading provider of academic integrity and assessment solutions, at a virtual ceremony in Jakarta.

The Turnitin-hosted training ran from June to July, providing guidance on how to teach and uphold academic integrity in schools, assisted by their institutions’ Turnitin technologies. There were two types of training, each specific to educators and administrators’ needs. The Ministry of Health’s Human Resource Training center promoted and rolled out the Turnitin training across Indonesia’s secondary and higher education institutions in Aceh, Gorontalo, Jambi, Jayapura, Mamuju, Maluku, Media, Padang, Pontianak, Riau, Sorong, Tanjung Pinang, Ternate, and West Papua. Set as a required training by the Ministry, the initiative reached over 5,000 educators and administrators from 38 polytechnic health schools. Training for staffers in Turnitin academic integrity tools aims to assist and inform instruction and ultimately improve learning outcomes for more than 100,000 students.

“This program represents a landmark initiative that inspires critical thinking through academic rigor and integrity in Indonesia. The Ministry of Health’s Human Resource Training Center represents one of Indonesia’s top talent development organizations, and we are proud to be part of this grassroots initiative in equipping Indonesia’s educators with academic integrity tools and knowledge to bring to classrooms,” said Jack Brazel, Turnitin Head of Business Partnerships, Southeast Asia.

The training completion comes as part of nationwide efforts to curb the rise of academic misconduct within the ministry’s learning agenda and environment. Sugiyanto, Indonesia’s Head of Human Resource Training Center of the Ministry of Health explains:

“These Health polytechnic schools lead the country in producing cutting-edge academic thinking in engineering and innovation, and they play a crucial role in nation-building. schools are looking to raise the standards of academic integrity, and we are committed to this mission.”

“We started by focusing on improving academic rigor, especially in written academic work. In addition, we have been encouraging polytechnic schools to develop clear guidance and sanction to clarify and define expectations. With plagiarism being a growing issue, our goal is to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills so that classrooms can address and ultimately prevent such misconduct in the future.

“Our training partnership with Turnitin is vital in equipping all of our stakeholders with the necessary critical thinking skills and technology to promote the integrity of academic work. This is an essential step in the country’s journey in becoming a nation of creative, innovative citizens.

“We hope that by implementing this training and by utilizing the applications and tools provided, students and academia are able to improve the quality and value of their assignments, dissertations, careers, research, and contributions to society.”

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