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  • Technical integration


  • Online Courses/Tutoring
  • Online Program Management
  • Blended Learning
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Learning Management System


  • Higher education
  • Professional education

Smart Assessor: a OneAdvanced company

Smart Assessor is our market leader in e-portfolio and LMS technology. Our platform’s enhanced functionality offers a wide range of learner data management solutions for apprenticeship standards, traineeships, NVQs, AEBs, SQAs, commercial courses and much more.

• Bespoke System
Smart Assessor can be built around your own personal specifications making sure the system does exactly what you need it to.

• Atomisation
Smart Assessor automates administrative processes allowing your Tutors to focus on other tasks.

• Apprentices Engagement
Smart Assessor allows clear communication and enables easy digital feedback between learners and tutor.

• Governance & Compliance
We keep our systems up to date with ESFA, Ofsted and other regulatory body compliance to make sure that your solution is always at the required Governance and compliance standards and is able to report on the requirements effectively.

• Learner progress tracking
We’ve designed an LMS that supplies your learners and assessors with learner progress and milestone feedback as well as evidence tracking features.

• Employer Engagement
We have several features that make employer engagement effective and easy.

Our mission is to enable our customers to spend less time doing repetitive, time-consuming tasks to be able to focus on more high value activities. Smart Assessor offers a comprehensive and fully customisable set of solutions to Learner and Data Management.