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The future of research. Exploring research integrity and the commercialisation of research

Episode 43

We chat with Turnitin’s own Gretchen Hanson about the future of research, exploring the commercialisation of research and the role of research Integrity.

Gretchen Hanson | Director of Product Marketing, Classroom Assessment, Turnitin

In this video, Turnitin’s Gretchen Hanson draws on her background in curating research and supporting researchers in the publication process, to explore the future of research as it relates to growing commercialisation and the role of research integrity.

Commenting on the hunger to produce research that raises institutional profile and research impact, Gretchen identifies technology as a major enabler of the quality and speed of future research efforts. She considers the potential of technology to mitigate risks through methods of oversight and offer greater transparency in the research community.

Gretchen also addresses the rise of predatory and cloned journals eroding trust in research, skewing conversations in the public sphere and contributing to misinformation.

What should institutions and researchers consider to thrive amidst research competition and when looking to commercialise research? Watch the video to hear Gretchen’s perspective.

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