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Research integrity and the impact of cloned and predatory journals on academic integrity

Episode 40

We chat with Dr Sumit Narula, Deputy Dean, Research at Amity University, Gwalior, about cloned & predatory journals’ impact on academic & research integrity

Dr Sumit Narula | Deputy Dean, Research (Publications & Citations), Amity University, Gwalior

In this video, Dr Sumit Narula explores his role in championing research integrity and educating researchers on the harm of cloned and predatory journals that undermine academia and research ethics.

In teaching students about the consequences of research malpractice and fraudulent publishing, Sumit describes the need for early intervention to catch errors as they happen and form good research habits.

Shedding an important light on the phenomena of predatory and cloned journals prevalent in India and South-East Asia, Sumit likens cloned journals to a form of ‘cyber phishing of academics’. He warns researchers against hurrying to publish and to exercise due diligence, so as to avoid these forms of research fraud.

How can universities build on academic integrity approaches to inform better research practices? Watch the video to hear Sumit’s insights.

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