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What do you need to know about assessment?

A free guide from Turnitin

Do you feel that student assessment is demanding more of your attention than ever before? If you answered yes, it’s not surprising. Education and assessment practices have been on the precipice of major change, even before the rapid adoption of online learning ushered in by the global pandemic.

Assessment - the critical intersection between teaching and learning - is under the spotlight, as we look closely at how school’ s are cultivating graduate-ready individuals who can thrive in tertiary education and beyond the four ‘walls’ of the classroom.

The growth of online learning requires us to recalibrate assessment delivery, and in addition to assessment security and integrity challenges, navigate emerging issues of digital equity and the inclusivity of assessments in measuring students’ learning.

How can education providers integrate pedagogy with technology, to ensure their assessment framework remains viable and relevant? We explore this, and more, in our ebook.

What the ebook covers:
  • How the foundational principles of assessment apply in today’s landscape
  • Evaluating different types of assessment and their correlation to learning outcomes
  • Best practices for online and hybrid assessment to maximise student learning
  • Advice for achieving assessment with integrity in any learning environment
  • Bridging the gap between traditional and online assessment modalities


A best-case scenario for assessment involves offering a diverse range of assessments within a course so as to be inclusive and realistic - accommodating both student learning needs and instructor grading efficiency.

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